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Granthams Chooses To Inspire in 2019

Leaving demonstrations and focusing on inspiration, this year Granthams injects the innovation and ideas back into inkjet.

Each year we, like other machine distributors, have focussed primarily on the machines themselves. We’ve demonstrated the speed, efficiencies, and new technologies with each new generation of printer.
However, this year we’ve decided to step back from the machine demonstrations and take a different route: this year we are using our product knowledge and customer experience to inspire.
By educating what inkjet, flatbed cutters and application tables can do in 2019, we aim to create sparks of interest in the evolving industry rather than just in the processes behind the print.
With the amount of crossover between different niches now being served by our industry’s technology, we aspire is to be the partner who develops ideas, shows what is possible and, hopefully, be the catalyst for a print company’s new product development and potential revenue stream.
From prototyping to home decor, soft fabrics to retail displays, this year we are adapting our approach and our stand to show just what is achievable from the latest printers from HP and Mimaki.


primi sui motori con e-max

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