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Xanita board launches in the USA

Xanita has partnered with Mohawk Fine Paper to bring Xanita board to the North American market.

Xanita, the makers of the industries leading sustainable fiberboard, today announced the launch of Xanita board in the USA and Canada. Xanita board is being brought to market through a partnership with Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.

The partnership will entail Mohawk taking the position of master distributor for Xanita board in the North American region. Mohawk will offer the full range of Xanita products and have stock available from the end of March 2018.

“The U.S is by far the biggest market in our category, and we’re thrilled to have a partner like Mohawk to help maximize our position in the market.” - James Beattie, CEO Xanita.

“In Xanita, we have found a partner who shares common values with Mohawk with a clear commitment to product innovation, design excellence and environmental sustainability.” - Paul Biesiadecki, CSO Mohawk.

Perfect Solution for Printers
Xanita board offers new revenue streams and business opportunities for printers with digital flatbed printing and CNC-cutting capabilities. The closed cell design makes Xanita board significantly stronger than visually similar honeycomb board products. Its strength and denser core makes Xanita board ideal for structural applications such as point-of-sale displays, custom expo booths, shopfitting and signage applications.

Xanita board strikes the perfect balance between premium quality and eco friendliness, and its versatility ensures that there will almost always be Xanita solution for most projects.

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