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IDRO lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Its Multi-application Visible RFID System

IDRO's remarkable Visible RFID System facilitates error-free smart factories
Based on its recent analysis of the global radio frequency identification (RFID) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes IDRO Co., Ltd. with the 2018 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award for its innovative Visible RFID System that responds to the growing demand for efficient RFID solutions. This solution brings together visible light communication (VLC) and RFID technologies to resolve issues such as the stray reading of existing ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID while enabling high-performance levels and operational stability across various applications.

SML Leverages Leadership in RFID Apparel and Footwear to Enter New Markets

SML, one of the top item-level RFID software solutions companies with more than 1000 stores, today announces entry into six tangential markets, sharing many of the same business case elements and omnichannel models that are driving adoption in the apparel and footwear segments.

SATO Global Solutions Partners with Leading Apparel Brand UNTUCKit to Optimize Inventory Through RFID and Inventory Visibility

Brick-and-mortar stores are making a comeback, but only the digitally re-defined will thrive. Luckily, tools such as IoT, RFID, beacons and analytics are giving retailers insights into operations that can give their merchandise a boost.

Lake Image Systems Wins a 2017 Must See Em’ Award for the 4th Year Running

Lake Image Systems Inc., the leaders in data integrity, verification and print quality inspection systems, is proud to announce it is has won a 2017 MUST SEE ’EM award at PRINT 17, for the fourth year running. This year the award is for Discovery READ&PRINT for RFID Tags, a cost effective, inline, end-to-end RFID encoding and READ and PRINT integrity management solution for high volume RFID tag production. Must See ’Em awards are selected by a panel of industry experts, journalists and consultants who base their choices on the most compelling technology that will impact the industry in the coming year. Visitors to PRINT 17 are encouraged to seek out Must See Em winners and provides a valuable guide to all attendees.

Security and protection for your data content

In recent years transmission technologies have developed and are largely established on the contact-free transmission of personal data via RFID (Radio frequency identification) or NFC (Near-field communication). Data is transmitted and stored to a transponder, which can be read using a reader. This process is used to read and verify various data, i.e.

ID cards
Entrance tickets or payment cards, used for access to public transport, ski resorts, leisure events, or similar
Credit or debit cards
All data stored on transponders is encrypted, but these codes can be decrypted, manipulated or simply made unreadable by means of electro-magnetic rays.

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