Last updateWed, 19 Sep 2018 10am


The Digital Twin in the cabinet

Nowadays many producers and operators already rely on the Digital Twin. The virtual copy of the real machine holds multiple benefits for companies, there is just one problem: up to now the digital twin lived in the cloud. A good solution if there wasn’t the security issue. Machinery data is highly delicate, powerful and only updated with some delay. machineering now offers the perfect solution: machineering’s ‘Digital Twin’! The Digital Twin is directly integrated into your cabinet. For producers, the hardware-based digital twin adds value to the company. Finally, machinery data can be hosted, administrated, processed and used within the company’s building: no more fear of a security gap in the VPN, no more insecurity about the real-time capacity of relevant data. All simulations created by the Digital Twin run with the well-known industrialPhysics interface.

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